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Appeal of the Würzburg refugees

Mohammad Rahsepar spent seven months of his life, holding out in an ambigous and doubtful situation full of complex and inhumane circumstances in Germany, a country into which he came to live in safety and under a normal situation, what should be the right of any human being, from any origin or nationality. In the early hours of January 29th, in the Bayern state’s Würzburg refugee camp, the asylum seeker Mohammad Rahsepar hanged himself in his room.
Today, 13th February 2012, we asylum seekers find ourselfs in the same situation in which Mohammad was, a situation that caused him to commit suicide.
We, a number of asylum seekers with different nationalities from different accomodations in bavaria – as a first reaction to this – refuse to collect our inferior food packages, and despite the pressure and threats that are being carried out on us, we will continue with our strike and complains, to make clear that we will not rest until we reach our goals.
Here in the street we are gathering and making a demonstration, because we believe that, as always, the streets are the best place for the gathering of people who are not confident and people who support them in their aims.
For us, this is the best chance to announce our wants, aims and wishes. This Movement is directly from the voice of Refugees.
We gather here for our voices to be heard by the bavarian state.
We have demands that are not opposed to human rights. Below we will frame our demands. We will not quit nor will we give up, untill we get satisfying answer from the persons in charge. We want the responsible persons to answer our demands in the shortest time possible, without any gap.

  1. The process of investigation of our demands for asylum for our life shall be shortened, because isolating a human being into a state of permanent wait and uncertainity ist a clear case of torture!
  2. The accomodations, where numerous human beings are housed in, shall be closed! We want to have the ability to rent a flat, because having private living room, privacy in general and peace are basic rights of any human!
  3. We demand the right to work and to get a job, without any restrictions, because every person can be part of the society based on its talents and specialities. Contrarily to public opinion, an asylum seeker can be valuable person and is not a lazy person that is only seen as a consumer. Personal autonomy is the right of any human!
  4. We demand regular and standardized courses to learn the german language, because language is the key to communication and integration in a society, and enables us to become familiar with norms and values of the society. Without language, a human only becomes more isolated from the society.
  5. We demand the elimination of the “Residenzpflicht”, because on a continent with virtually no borders anymore, this limitation is senseless and a violation of human rights. A refugee is not a criminal that has to be forced under such limitation. Not to be accepted outside of the administrative district is a denial of human rights.
  6. We demand the abolishment of the food packet system and want to be given a certain amount of money instead, as it is already the case in other german states. The right of self-determination what to eat is a basic right of any human.

We ask all refugees, immigrants, students, political formations, Human Rights activists and all those who are fighting for a better world to acknowledge us. We are trying to organize our movement into a direction that changes the difficult situation of asylum seekers in germany. Your support and solidarity in any kind of way can help and spread this movement.

On behalf of all refugees taking part in the demonstration.

Time: 13.02.2012 at 1 pm
Place: Hauptbahnhof Würzburg (central railway station)

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